Early History of Silent Dance Center

SDC first incorporated in 1977. Before that time, "Daws" Dawson taught at the studio, and busy moms Sandi Jordan and Penny Sing were students of his. He had rented the space and studied yoga from Light on Yoga. He taught them to chant "So-ham" with each movement of the asana. His classes were much loved. In possibly 1975, he went off to India to study and asked them to teach. He ended up staying in India for a few years, so they inherited the studio and soon after sought non-profit status. They used one of their attorneys to draft the Incorporation papers and, thanks to him, we became a 501-c-3 non profit organization.

Eunice Sakai later came in the 70's when Glenn, Sandi, Penny, Aeja and Laura Loftus were already teaching. In July 1977, an Iyengar teacher came to Hawaii and introduced our teachers to real Iyengar Yoga. After that some of the yoga teachers went to India to study Iyengar yoga in Pune - first Sandi, Glenn and Aeja, and later, Penny, and Eunice. Since then, of course, a number of our teachers have studied in Pune with the Iyengars. In keeping with our 35th anniversary theme, long time faithful student Joyce Salmon was mentioned. Joyce first attended SDC in 1977 and has been coming to classes ever since those early days with Penny and Sandi.


Mr. Iyengar at Pali Lookout


Mr. Iyengar's momentous visit to Hawaii

The story behind the beautiful picture of Mr. Iyengar hanging in the Silent Dance Studios, with the wind whipping through his hair and a radiant smile, comes from Penny Sing. On the way to an Iyengar Convention on the mainland, Mr. Iyengar stopped in Hawaii in 1987 for about 4 days. He and his entourage stayed at Penny's house and like a good hostess she took all her guests sightseeing. At the Nuuanu Pali, Mr. Iyengar jumped over the "Do Not Cross" barrier and stood so close to the edge of the cliff he almost gave Penny a heart attack. The result of that spontaneous act was that magnificent picture of Mr. Iyengar glowing with joy. She generously donated a huge color copy of that photo for each of our yoga studios. While he was here, we had a luau at Penny's house, and she was even able to get Hawaiian musicians to play for him. During that time, Mr. Iyengar also made a surprise visit to Aeja's class and ended up taking over the teaching of the class. The students that day got a real treat.