The Mo’ili’ili Community Center (MCC) is installing a paved ADA compliant parking lot with a drainage system in front of our Mo’ili’ili Studio. They are lowering the elevation of the parking area so there will be extensive excavation work. Due to this construction, we unfortunately will not have access to our MCC Studio. Many classes will be canceled during this time and some will be relocated to the Church of the Crossroads on 1212 University Avenue in the Weaver Hall (Map).

Please see our Mo’ili’ili online class schedule for the latest changes to the schedule.

Mo’ili’ili Class Schedule for July 29 - October 11, 2019

9:00 am Val Hobensack Church of the Crossroads
5:30 pm Sandi Jordan Moved to Kaimuki Studio (replacing Glenn’s class during the closure)

4:30 pm Glenn Kawana Canceled

9:00 am Jim Dillman Canceled
5:30 pm Glenn Kawana Church of the Crossroads

5:30 pm Ae Ja Mobley Canceled

9:00 am Val Hobensack Church of the Crossroads

7:45 am Alison Mito Canceled
9:00 am Ae Ja Mobley Canceled

7:45 am Alison Mito Canceled except for 8/4 and 8/11 - these classes will be in Room 305 of Mo’ili’ili Community Center