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Carrie Owerko - Moving (and thinking) Outside of The Box

Exploring and increasing our movement and mental capacity and potential can be enlivening, exciting and fun. We can re-awaken curiosity and breathe new life into our practices if we are willing to play again. Our bodies (and brains) are capable of change and growth, and we can continue to learn new things throughout our lives. That can be a bit harder as adults but it is possible if we learn to pay attention and are intrinsically motivated to engage with ourselves and the world in new ways. Giving ourselves permission to play, to step outside of the box--even off of the sticky mat--move and breathe in novel (as well as familiar) ways is not only wonderful for the body but is especially potent for the brain. As we age, play (and learning new things) becomes even more essential for brain and body health, and overall well-being.

In this workshop we will work playfully, progressively, and intelligently while exploring how yoga, mindful movement and breath work can expand our ideas of what is possible. When we say yes to play, we say yes to continuous learning. Our practice can indeed become more joyful, more of a dance!

Earlier Event: August 4
Intro to Iyengar Yoga • August